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Sandra L. Brown, MA

Sandra is the founder of The Institute for Relational Harm Reduction & Public Pathology Education and is a former psychotherapist in the field of psychopathology. She is a clinical lecturer and trainer, TV and radio guest, and an author. She is recognized for her pioneering work in women's issues related to relational harm from dangerous and pathological partners. The Institute has the only formal clinical Model-of-Care with a trauma-based approach for survivors and offers the largest available array of products and services related to this genre. Sandra is noted for being the first to research the effects of psychopathy on female partners. Her research has largely impacted the treatment field through her systematic approaches to recovery for women. Her most recent research was in collaboration with Purdue University. She is frequently interviewed for radio and TV shows to discuss dangerous relationships, high lethality cases, and psychopathy.

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About this course

The Association for NPD/Psychopathy Survivor Treatment
2-Day Intensive Training on
Narcissistic and Psychopathic Abuse--The Clinicians Guide to the New Field of Traumatic Pathological Love Relationships

Course Description:

It is not a far stretch to imagine that what a psychopath, anti-social or narcissist can do, and does do to others is more extreme than other forms of abuse. It is highly likely you already have (and have had) survivors of narcissistic and psychopathic abuse and trauma in your practice  without recognizing the signs of it. It seems incomprehensible we could miss the signs of  abuse from the most dangerous disorders in the DSM5. But we do.

A study about ‘Finding Competent Care’ in this population, indicated the vast majority of survivors never found a therapist who recognized their ‘atypical trauma’ with its different presentation, or ever differentiated this type of abuse from traditional domestic violence. Consequently, they were never treated for their specific needs in therapy, or their #1 ‘hallmark’ symptom of traumatic pathological relationships. Furthermore, some were identified as ‘codependent’ and never treated for their personality trait elevations that had nothing to do with aversive histories.

‘Narcissistic abuse’ is a hot topic in the category of ‘new genres’ of counseling. Therapists are flocking to this specialty field and finding out in mid-treatment that there are unique knowledge bases needed to effectively treat these survivors.  The ‘Finding Competent Care’ study found most therapists did not have sufficient training for this population and missed key components of treatment.

This genre of counseling is not new but the awareness of it is. Field pioneer, Sandra L. Brown, M.A. brings her 30 years of treatment experience, research, data collections, trauma studies, hallmark symptom identification, and a developed model of care therapy approach for this specific population to this rapidly developing field.  Seasoned field experts Claudia Paradise, LCSW and Bill Brennan, LMHC bring their psychodynamic, trauma insights, and approaches to this depth psychology training and needed knowledge bases on the overlaps of Cluster B/psychopathy, trauma, and personality science in order to avoid treatment failure.

Learn how to --

  • Identify pathological love relationships
  • Differentiate PLRs from other stereotypical domestic violence, addictive, co-dependent, or dysfunctional relationships
  • Recognize the unique relational dynamics generated from the pathology and the traumatic impact to intimate partners
  • Understand why certain survivor personalities seem to be targeted
  • Key considerations for treating the traumatic aftermath

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